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VR Machine (Patent Pending) Advanced Analytics for the Volcker Rule Compliance

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Equity Market Structure (NMS 610 Access Fees Pilot)
DataBoiler's respond to SEC requests for comment

The Volcker Rule - 619 Dodd-Frank Act
2018 respond to the CFTC, SEC, OCC, FED, and FDIC
2017 DataBoiler's respond to OCC requests for comment

Dodd-Frank 613 Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT NMS Plan)
DataBoiler's respond to SEC requests for comment

Featured Article: AutoCAD the CAT amid controversy
Clock Synch: Challenge that needs a New Solution

Volcker, a quest for answers (9-parts series):
1: Volcker Postmortem or Has the Fight Just Begun?
2: Volcker risk controls or room to circumvent controls?
3: Volcker inventory: too complicated or just unfamiliar?
4: Volcker challenges: unsolvable or unprofitable?
5: Volcker enforceability: backburner or bazooka?
6: Volcker attestation: guilty or not innocent?
7: Volcker independent testing: MCQ or long essay?
8: Volcker violation: felony or misdemeanor charges?
9: Volcker Anniversary: a quest for answers or a taboo?
Bonus: Volcker: Reasonable Inventory and I cannot see it...
Salvage: OCC Analysis of 12 CFR Part 44

Presentation: Challenges, Responses, Myths, and More

Whitepaper: Financial Stability - Success takes off in the convoluted regulatory environment

Whitepaper: See Who Rises to the Rogue's Hall of Fame

Whitepaper: Volcker Rule: Dihydrogen Monoxide Ban?!

BCBS 239: Major in the Major

The War within Volcker

Spam Filtering the Prohibited

Volcker’s intent is hacked and leaked

VR Machine (Patent pending) / Technical drawing

See the numbers, do the math: Part 1 / Part 2

OCC BULLETIN 2014-27 Interim exam procedures

CGFS: Market-making and proprietary trading

BCBS239: Principals for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting

BCBS283: Supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures

Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review

OFR: Analyzing Threats to Financial Stability

Holding Companies with Assets > $10 Billion

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