Big Data Truths and Myths in the B2B Financial Industry Many have acknowledged that big data is big and are willing to put  resources behind it. We have observed numerous big data successes  benefiting Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies, but what about  Business-to-Business (B2B) firms in the financial industry and financial  technologies arena? Click here to see our findings on 10 insightful True/False questions, and  learn how Data Boiler can help formulate your big data game plan.
A WHITE PAPER                                 by Kelvin To                                DataBoiler Technolgoies,LLC
Pictures worth more than a thousand words All authenticated pictures taken by Kelvin, Founder and President of Data Boiler, during his recent trip to Asia.   Kelvin: “Look at these vibrant pictures of Asia!  Their financial sector is equally hammered by risk and compliance pressure like everywhere else in the World. Their spirit has urged them to work tenaciously, finding ways out and solving various challenges. Instead of being in grief, they continue to grow. Have we, in the US, embraced the spirit of making the best of every situation? Have we seen the big picture of the market and move forward in new directions? Have we seized the big data opportunities to revitalize our growth? After talking with many leaders in Asia (including the CRO of Citigroup China, Deputy Risk Head of GE Capital, Financial Controller of HSBC Hang- Seng Bank in Shanghai, and countless bankers, traders, and I.T. gurus in Hong Kong), they all agreed that technology is the key to easing a lot of the risk and compliance burdens. They also affirmed the sector’s future depends on big data. Are you still in grief, or are you ready to embrace a bright New Year together with us?”
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