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Kelvin To                   

Founder and President

Kelvin brings over 20 years of big data experience to  FinTech innovations. His patent pending invention about  Volcker compliance has earned him a nomination for the  FinTech Person of the Year Award. In his prior career, he  was VP at Broadridge, Functional Head at Citigroup, and Examiner at the  Institute of Bankers. His proven successes include formulation of a 500+%  growth model, products and e-banking platform development, and led M&A  research. He has spoken at various professional organizations, and is serving  as Tech Advisory Council committee for the Financial Services Roundtable/  BITS. He holds an MSc degree in Banking from City University, a Master of  Management from Macquarie, and a BSc degree from Bentley University.  
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Homer Cheng             

Chief Technology Officer

Homer has over 20+ years experience in the investment  banking industry. During his tenure as Executive Director  at Goldman Sachs, he managed business critical  applications and was part of the global management team  for Investment Banking Technology. He is known for his collaborative skills to  partner with the business and other technology teams in delivering practical  solutions with concrete results. His areas of expertise include trade analytics,  risk management, compliance and operations systems development and  implementation. Homer is based in California and holds a BSc and Masters  of Engineering degree from Cornell University.
Frequent Asked Questions What is the significance of your name ‘Data Boiler’? The convoluted market has stipulated the need to boil the ocean of financial data using advanced technologies in order to find opportunities. Hence, thus we chose ‘Data Boiler’ as the company name. What big data burdens are financial institutions facing? Chaotic workplace, troubles of the 4Vs, overlapping data sources, contradicting data versions, unfitted pipes along the value chain, non-standardize technologies, frequent requirement changes, etc. What is stopping firms from implementing changes? Legacy systems that aren’t easily replaceable, doubt of the dependability of new technologies, silos, and lack of an ecosystem. What are your thoughts about standardization of data? Can it be done and will it be helpful in the end? Central warehouse could be expensive. ESB is capable of addressing many non-standard issues but it is not cheap. Standardization is not necessarily bad, but firms should focus on optimizing what ought to be fast, resilient, scalable and flexible. What should firms be doing to benefit from Big Data? Setup PMO, access stage of development (click here to learn more), engage us to harness ‘Big Data’, see ‘Big Picture’, and seize ‘Big Opportunities’. What product development opportunities do you see? Some are domain specific, others could be linking up the front- /middle-/back-offices, while some focus on crossover synergy to build a utility model. What should be the end-goal for Big Data? Reducing risks, ensuring compliance, bringing new products to sell, cutting costs and finding new ways to beat competition. What are some of the comments by your reference? See quotes
We see big to continuously boil down the essential FinTech improvements until you achieve sustainable growth! a Whitepaper on Basel Capital Adequacy t BCBS 239 Aggregation t  CCAR/ DFAST/ TLAC t   DMAIC approach to t                                                Dodd-Frank Volcker Rule Compliance   Success takes off in the convoluted regulatory environment Financial Stability

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